Why Advertise Your Holiday Accommodation With Middleman Gone?

Say Goodbye To The Middleman and Costly Commisions By Advertising Your Holiday Let With Us

Middleman Gone Features

A year’s worth of bookings from us may cost the same as a single booking from one of our competitors. It’s a no brainer!

Are your commissons and service charges too high by advertising on other platforms?  We charge an annual subscription fee of £149. In many cases, just a single booking from Middleman Gone could be the same as what you are paying for each and every booking you receive from our competitors.

When guests book direct with owners, everyone saves!

Why Advertise With Us?
  1. Receive Direct Enquiries

    Communicate directly with your future guests. We link your phone number, email and web address so enquirers can book with you directly.

  2. Direct Link Your Website

    Increase the flow of visitors to your website and enhance the likelihood of securing direct bookings without any commission fees.

  3. Full Property Details

    Showcase up to 15 photos of your property and a high-quality video of the property. A full description of your property letting people know why it is so special. Also included is a location map and a calendar to check availability.

  4. Pricing Guide

    We appreciate that you may charge different prices dependant on season and demand. Therefore, we can display a rough price guide along with any discounts you may offer when guest book directly with you.

  5. Keep All Your Share of Revenue

    Why give away a huge chunk of your booking income to a holiday comparison website! When booked direct, all the revenue goes direct to you. You could even pass some of the savings to your guests to give you a competitive edge.

  6. Take Control of Your Bookings

    Rather than being told, set your own cancelation terms. Rest assured, we do not hold your funds or cancel your bookings as your guests are booking directly with you.

  7. No Third-Party Service Fees

    Most holiday comparison website add service fees which they keep whereas we do not. This means you can pass these savings on to your guests or make a little more profit for yourself.

  8. Direct Digital Marketing

    We drive visitors to your advertisement by through multiple channels. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Paid Advertising through AdWords and Social Media Channels.

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About Us

We are committed to saving money by displaying the best accommodation providers and booking direct. This may reduce costs as there are no commissions to be paid to the advertiser and in many cases these savings are passed on to you.

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