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Blackpool is renowned for its beaches, theme park, piers, amusements and the landmark Blackpool Tower. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. The town’s reputation as a tourist destination extends to the 19th century when it became popular for wealthy businessmen to spend their vacations by the sea. Blackpool swiftly developed into a thriving resort, drawing tourists from all across the country and even abroad.

Blackpool continues to remain a popular tourist attraction today, drawing millions of visitors annually. The Blackpool Tower, which gives breathtaking views of the coast, and the Pleasure Beach amusement park, which has a multitude of rides and attractions for all ages, are two of the town’s most well-known attractions.

Several more attractions are located in Blackpool, such as the Winter Gardens, a sizable entertainment complex that regularly organises multiple events, and the Blackpool Illuminations, an annual light festival that takes place along the length of the promenade.

Blackpool has a thriving cultural heritage in addition to its wide range of attractions, with a variety of museums, galleries, and theatres that highlight the community’s history and vibrant legacy. The town is renowned for having a thriving nightlife with a variety of bars, clubs, and pubs that will satisfy all tastes.

Whether your preference is entertainment, shopping, cultural events, thrill-seeking or a memorable night out, a short holiday to Blackpool is a lively and exciting place that offers something for everyone.

Holiday Accommodation, Hotels, Guest Houses, Self Catering and Other Places To Stay

Blackpool makes for an accessible resort for all types of guests by offering an extensive selection of holiday accommodation options to meet all budgets and interests. In Blackpool, some of the most typical types of holiday rentals and accommodation are:

Self-Catering Accommodation: Blackpool offers a variety of self-catering holiday accommodation such as holiday apartments, holiday flats or holiday cottages for individuals who would like more control over the type of accommodation they would prefer to stay in. This includes places to stay with their own kitchens and cooking amenities, such as apartments, cottages, and holiday homes many of which you can book direct with the owners.

Bed and Breakfast: There is an abundance of Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Blackpool, that may offer a more personal and homely experience than hotels. These places to stay typically provide comfortable rooms as well as a hearty breakfast in the morning, as the name implies.

Hotels: There are multiple hotels in Blackpool, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury options. Many of the best hotel accommodations are near the town’s main attractions and include amenities like restaurants and bars, some even have swimming pools.

Guesthouses: Just like bed and breakfasts, these are smaller, family-run accommodation that provide a more intimate experience than hotels.
They frequently have fewer rooms and provide more personalised service.

Hostels: There are several hostels for your holiday to Blackpool that provide affordable dormitory-style accommodation for budget-conscious travellers.
These establishments frequently have shared amenities like kitchens and lounges.

Outdoor Camping Parks: For those who prefer to stay in the great outdoors, there are a few campsites on the outskirts of Blackpool that offer camping facilities. While camping is not the most common form of accommodation in Blackpool, it can be an excellent way to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area while also enjoying a more affordable and outdoor-oriented vacation.

Caravan Parks are popular because they give guests the chance to experience a classic seaside holiday with the convenience of self-contained accommodation. Most have onsite entertainment, restaurants, swimming pools and other activities. A few of the caravan parks in and around Blackpool include Marton Mere, Newton Hall Holiday Park, Cala Gran Holiday Park and Windy Harbour Holiday Park.

Eating Out, Shopping and Nightlife

Blackpool offers an extensive range of dining and shopping choices to suit a variety of tastes and price ranges. Blackpool has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a high street retail experience, independent boutiques, or delectable food from around the world. Some of the highlights are as follows:

Eating Out and Dining

Seafood: Given Blackpool’s coastal location, no holiday would be complete without enjoying eating seafood. There are numerous cafes and restaurants that provide fresh fish and other types of seafood, including many well-known fish and chip shops which are scattered across the town.

International Cuisine: There is a wide variety of international food available, including Italian, Chinese, Indian and Thai dishes. There are countless eateries and delivery services that offer authentic delicacies across the globe.

Traditional British Food: There are many pubs and restaurants that serve traditional British food, such as bangers & mash, shepherd’s pie, and a Sunday Roast.

There are many popular dining options in Blackpool, however, these are just a handful of some of the most popular ones:

The Viva Vegas Diner is a retro-style diner that offers traditional American fare in a colourful and energetic environment, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes. For over 50 years, both tourists and locals have enjoyed the authentic Chinese cuisine served by Michael Wan’s Mandarin, a well-known Chinese restaurant. This award-winning restaurant is well-known for its mouthwatering seafood and dim sum dishes.

The renowned fish and chip restaurant chain Harry Ramsden’s was established in Guiseley in 1928 and has easily expanded across the UK. Visitors who want to eat traditional fish and chips frequently eat there. Traditional British cuisine has been served at the family-run The Cottage Chippy in a local residential area for more than a century. They are renowned for serving large meals and creating a cosy atmosphere.

Pizza, pasta, and risotto are just a few of the traditional Italian foods that Bella Italia serves at its Blackpool location. Homemade pasta and other Italian dishes are served at the family-run San Marco restaurant in a cosy environment. The Beach House restaurant sits on the promenade and provides magnificent sea views in addition to a selection of meals made with fresh, local seafood.

Shopping in the Town Centre and Promenade

Marks & Spencer, B&M, and Primark are just a few of the high-street retailers and department stores that can be found in the town centre. There are also a large number of independently owned stores and boutiques that provide everything from handmade crafts and souvenirs to vintage clothing.

The Houndshill Shopping Centre, located in the town centre, has a variety of shops and booths selling anything from home goods and presents to clothing and cosmetics. Blackpool Promenade serves as a popular shopping area with a range of stores offering food, novelty items and mementoes of the seaside.

Blackpool Attractions

People of all ages enjoy the numerous attractions and activities that Blackpool has to offer. Compared to most other seaside resorts, it would be hard to find another place that has so many attractions in one place. The main attractions include the following:

The Three Piers

There are three piers in Blackpool, each of which has a certain charm and individual attractions.

North Pier: Among the three, this pier is the oldest and most traditional. It has a promenade in a Victorian style, a small theatre, a classic carousel, and a variety of food and drink establishments. From the pier’s end, visitors may take in breathtaking views of the sea and the town.

The iconic Central Pier is known for having an amusement park with rides and attractions for people of all ages. The pier also features a giant Ferris wheel, a vintage ghost train, and a number of restaurant and drinking establishments.

The South Pier, the southernmost of the three, is well-known for its heart-racing rides and amusements, which include a rollercoaster, a bungee jump, and a sky coaster. A variety of food and beverage establishments, including a fish and chip shop, are located on the pier.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a popular amusement park with a variety of rides, including roller coasters, water slides, and thrill rides. Also, it features a wide selection of eateries and stores. It has been in operating for more than 125 years and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Ten rollercoasters are among more than 40 rides and attractions in the park.

Notable rides at The Pleasure Beach include The Big One, the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the UK. Icon which features high-tech special effects and speeds of up to 50 mph. Valhalla is a recently refurbished Viking-themed water ride featuring fire, ice and water effects. The Revolution which is an inverted rollercoaster that takes riders upside down through a loop and then backwards.

Nickelodeon Land, a themed section of the park for younger visitors, lies within the main theme park. SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer are just a couple of the well-known Nickelodeon characters that are featured and there are many rides for the smaller children to enjoy.

Sandcastle Waterpark

The largest indoor waterpark in the UK is called Sandcastle Waterpark, and it is situated on the Promenade near The Pleasure Beach. All ages can enjoy the variety of slides, flumes, and other attractions. In addition to these attractions, Sandcastle Waterpark offers a variety of food options and amenities like a spa and a fitness centre. While having varying opening hours based on the time of the season, the park is open all year round.

Notable attractions within the Sandcastle Waterpark complex include The Master Blaster Where visitors are taken on a thrilling trip through a number of twists, turns, and drops on this water rollercoaster. A family raft ride called Aztec Falls takes passengers through a number of tunnels and drops.

The Caribbean Storm Treehouse features water cannons, fountains, and slides that may be found in the multi-level play structure. A wave pool called Typhoon Lagoon creates waves up to one metre high, giving visitors a beach-like sensation. A high-speed slide with a vertical drop and a top speed of 40 km/h is called Montazooma.

Blackpool Tower

The Eiffel Tower in Paris served as inspiration for the Blackpool Tower, a famous landmark that was first made available to the public in 1894. The tower, which stands 518 feet tall, provides breathtaking views of the town and its surroundings. The following are some of the tower complex’s major attractions:

At the top of the tower, there is an observation platform called Tower Eye that provides sweeping views of Blackpool and the surrounding surroundings. If you are brave enough, at the top of the tower there is a glass floor called Tower Top Adventure where you can view the promenade and all the little people walking below it! Tower Dungeon is a scary attraction that uses live actors and special effects to transport guests through the shadowy past of this illustrious town.

Since the tower opened in 1894, The Tower Circus has been legendary and has captivated audiences ever since. Acrobats, clowns, and other performers are present by Mooky The Clown and Mr Boo. At the base of the tower lies the Tower Ballroom. It has a magnificent ballroom dance floor and the world-famous Wurlitzer Organ. If you enjoy afternoon tea, this is a must.

Blackpool Zoo

Another well known tourist destination, the 32-acre Blackpool Zoo is home to more than 1,500 animals from all over the world. Blackpool Zoo also features a variety of other amenities, such as a play area and a mini golf course, in addition to these exhibits.

The zoo is open all year round and only closes on Christmas Day. Over the course of the year, the zoo also holds a variety of events, including ones with holiday themes like Halloween and Christmas.

A variety of large cats, including lions, tigers, and jaguars, may be found in the zoo’s Big Cats area. A herd of Asian elephants can be seen at the sizable outdoor display called Elephants of the Asian Forest.

A walking exhibit called Lemur Wood showcases many lemur species. An indoor display called Gorilla Mountain showcases a family of western lowland gorillas. Visitors can get up close and personal with a variety of farm animals at Children’s Farm, including sheep, pigs, and goats.

Model Village

The Blackpool Model Village is an alluring and endearing tourist destination that carries tourists away to a fantastical world of miniature enchantment. A scaled-down version of the town is depicted in Blackpool Model Village, together with model houses, people, and cars.

Envision a small town with miniature versions of Blackpool’s major monuments, including the Blackpool Tower, the Winter Gardens, and the Pleasure Beach theme park. The village is full of carefully scaled lakes, gardens, and bridges that have been expertly tended to. The attention to detail and whimsical atmosphere that permeates the town may be seen as visitors meander around the little streets.

With tiny elements like minuscule chimneys, balconies, and even curtains in the windows, the model buildings are remarkably lifelike. Visitors can observe miniature vehicles and trains travelling along the village’s roads. Also, the inhabitants of the village have minute facial expressions and accurate attire.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds Blackpool is a location of the popular Madame Tussauds chain of wax museums, which are renowned for their remarkably lifelike wax replicas of celebrities. Imagine exploring a museum with life-size wax replicas of your favourite historical people, athletes, and celebrities. You can take selfies and pose for pictures with your favourite stars while getting up close and personal with the wax statues.

Wax models of a wide variety, including music celebrities like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé and Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp, may be found throughout the museum. Together with historical personalities like Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill, visitors can now observe athletes like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The skin tone, hair, and clothing details on the wax models are amazingly accurate. The figures are touchable, allowing visitors to interact and take pictures with them. Visitors can also engage in entertaining games and activities as well as virtual reality experiences at interactive displays.

Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre in Blackpool provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about marine conservation and the value of conserving our seas in addition to its regular exhibitions. These programmes include school visits and workshops. About 2,000 marine animals from all over the world, including sharks, turtles, rays, and other fish species, may be observed at the Sea Life Centre.

The aquarium’s many exhibits are available for visitors to explore, and they include a walk-through tunnel where they can observe fish swimming over and around them as well as touch pools and interactive displays where they can get up close and personal with starfish, crabs, and other marine life. Overall, for visitors of all ages who want to learn more about the wonderful world of marine life, the Sea Life Centre is a fun and educational place.

Blackpool Illuminations

The seaside resort of Blackpool has an annual light event called Blackpool Illuminations. Millions of people come each year to one of the most well-attended events on the town’s calendar. Along the town’s promenade, The Illuminations showcase a breathtaking display of lights and artworks that spans 6 kilometres. Many light sculptures, animated displays, and illuminated landmarks are featured in the show, including the well-known Blackpool Tower.

The lights are switched on every evening starting at dusk during the festival, which normally runs from late August through to the end of the year. The festival also features a range of special events and activities, such as street performers, live music, and food and drink vendors. Blackpool Illuminations, one of the world’s oldest light festivals, has been ongoing since 1879. A must-attend event for anybody visiting the town in the autumn, it has grown to be a beloved event for both residents and tourists.

Taking a tram journey is one of the greatest ways to view the Illuminations. The Blackpool tram Illuminations tours, which allow tourists to experience the lights from the comfort of a conventional tramcar, are a popular attraction.

The tours last around 90 minutes and provide a lovely journey along its illuminated Promenade. The trams are decked out in seasonal lights, adding to the festive ambience. Visitors can observe the different light displays, including the famed Tunnel of Light, which has over 100,000 individual lights, during the trip.

Because the tram tours are popular, it is best to reserve ahead of time to ensure a spot. Throughout the festival, there are a variety of different Illuminations-themed activities and events, making it a must-see for anybody visiting throughout the autumn and winter months.

The Golden Mile

The Golden Mile is a promenade that stretches along the coastline for about a mile. Amusement parks, casinos, arcades, shops, restaurants, and bars are just a few of the numerous entertainment and activities available in the area, which is a popular destination for tourists.

The Golden Mile, originally called the “Promenade des Anglais,” was established in the late 19th century as a recreation of the well-known coastline promenade in Nice, France. Since the early 20th century, it has become a well-liked travel destination.

Overall, visitors will find the Golden Mile to be a bustling and exciting destination, with something to engage visitors of all ages and interests.

The Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens is a historical entertainment venue that first opened its doors in 1878. Today, it is among the most recognisable monuments in the heart of town. There are several various entertainment areas available at the Winter Gardens, including a sizable ballroom, a music hall, an opera house, and several smaller function rooms.

Over the years, this venue has played host to many performances, shows, and events, and notable artists like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and Elton John have all graced its stages. For anybody visiting the seaside resort, especially those with an interest in the town’s rich history of entertainment and culture, the Winter Gardens is a must-see location.

Coral Island Amusements and Casino

On the edge of the town centre and on Blackpool’s renowned Golden Mile sits the well-known indoor amusement arcade known as Coral Island. For visitors of all ages, the arcade provides a variety of amusement alternatives, including arcade games, video games, slot machines, and classic fairground-style attractions.

A vast pirate-themed area featuring rides on pirate ships and games with a pirate theme is one of the arcade’s most distinctive features. In addition to other well-liked attractions, the complex offers a variety of dining and drinking establishments.

For families and parties looking for a fun day out, Coral Island is a well-liked location that is open all year round. It is a great addition to any itinerary when visiting the town because of how conveniently it is situated next to other popular attractions like Blackpool Tower and the Sea Life Centre.

The Grand Theater

The Grand Theatre is a legendary theatre that first opened its doors in 1894 and has since grown to become one of Blackpool’s most well-known icons. The theatre hosts a variety of performances and shows all year long, including musicals, plays, comedies, and live music concerts. Over the years, a number of well-known performers have graced the stage, including Morecambe and Wise, Charlie Chaplin and Judy Garland.

The Stage Door, a well-known eatery and bar that offers a variety of delectable dishes and beverages, is also located inside the Grand Theatre. A number of special events, such as backstage tours and workshops for budding artists, are also held at the location throughout the year. Whether they want to see a performance or are just interested in the Grand Theatre’s stunning design, visitors should be sure to stop by.

Blackpool Trams

Blackpool trams are a popular form of transportation in the seaside town. The town has been using trams as a mode of transportation since 1885, making it one of the oldest tramways in the world.

Traditional trams are iconic, with many of them sporting illuminated styles and artwork. They run along the town’s famed Promenade up to as far as Fleetwood, making it a scenic and convenient route to visit the Fylde Coast’s various attractions.

Running in tangent with the traditional trams, the tramway has been modernised in recent years with the addition of new, cutting-edge trams that are totally accessible to wheelchair users and anyone with mobility impairments. The trams now run along a 10-mile track with 25 stops, making it easy to go to many of the town’s key attractions.

Tram tickets, including single and return prices, as well as unlimited day passes, are available to visitors to the Fylde Coast. The trams are an excellent method to get from one location to another, such as the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower, and even North Station in the near future, while also taking in the sights and sounds of the town’s vibrant seaside.

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